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Newsletter Header Summer 2018

I was trying to think of something both personal and summery for the top of this newsletter, then realized I had just the right snapshot already on my phone. These are some of the lilies my husband is growing in a container out on our deck. Gorgeous, fragrant, apparently very easy to grow – and downright perfect for a header image 🙂

twist ball cutoutNew and On The Horizon: My Pilates clients have seen lots of fun new moves with some distinctly different props since I took Merrithew’s Fascial Movement training, the first in their brand new series exploring the latest research findings on movement and the neuromyofascial skeletal system. I am currently developing “pairings” of this repertoire to go with the Series work, so Structural Integration clients can look forward to experiencing relevant selections to enhance their understanding of each session’s goals and territory. Later this year I’ll continue this study with Merrithew’s Matwork with a Fascial Focus workshop. Also on my continuing education schedule this year is more training in the Nerve & Artery Mobilization realm, this time covering some visceral and cranial work. Lots to look forward to!

Lately I’ve been ramping up on my marketing game and other business practices. I love my studio and clients so much, I’ve found it surprisingly easy to feel complacent and forget about growth and good energy flow! You’ll see a request below regarding reviews/testimonials as part of that. Also, is there something you’d love to see in or offered by the studio? I’d love to hear your ideas and other feedback, you can simply reply directly to this email or catch me in the studio.


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Upcoming Events

Intro to NVR-SI with Kirstin Schumaker
Covers the basics of working with neurovascular structures. This class is open to structural integrators only.
Saturday Sep 8 – Monday Sep 10, 2018 8:30am-5:00pm
This class will be offered here again January 26-28!
Click here for details.

Undulation Workshop with Anita Boser
Unlock your spine and release your unleash your inner healing power. Open to all!
Saturday November 3, 2018 6:00-8:00pm $25
Click here for details.

Undulation Instructor Training with Anita Boser
Learn to teach fluidity and subtle movement. This class is open to structural integrators, massage therapists, physical therapists, Pilates and yoga and other movement instructors.
Saturday Feb 10 – Sunday Feb 11 2018, 9:00am-5:00pm
Click here for details.

Kirstin Schumaker

Intro to NVR-SI with Kirstin Schumaker
If you’re a structural integrator and have been wanting to train with Kirstin, we’ve got her up here in September and again in January! See the Upcoming Events section below for details.


Undulation with Anita Boser
Unlock your spine and release your inner healing power! Anita is coming back to Soma Kinetics with her fun and effective method this November. Check out her short video below and see the Upcoming Events section below for details.

hans narrow

Hans Knogle
Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to our staff, Hans the skeleton. He can usually be found in the Pilates area, sporting various styles of couture and scrutinizing your form.

Want Group Classes?

Club Pilates is right around the corner on 4th Ave, and they’ve got group classes every single day of the week! You can find me teaching there on Tuesday evenings. Click here for the full schedule.