Structural Integration Work

Single Session: $125.00
3-Session Package: $356.25 Saves 5% By the end of Session 3, you’ll know what the work is like and what it can do for your body.
4-Session Package: $475.00 Saves 5% For in-series clients only, to continue after the 3-pack at a discounted rate. See below for why!
7-Session Package: $787.50 Saves 10% From Session 1 all the way through the “core” sessions.
11-Session Package: $1168.75 Saves 15% This is the complete Soma Structural Integration series at a great price!

Somassage® & Treatment Work

90 Minute Session: $125.00
NEW: 3-Session
$356.25 Saves 5% 90 Minutes per session
NEW: 6-Session
$675.00 Saves 10% 90 Minutes per session
60 Minute Session: $85.00
NEW: 3-Session
$242.25 Saves 5% 60 Minutes per session
NEW: 6-Session
$459.00 Saves 10% 60 Minutes per session
Injury Treatment $25.00 per 15 minute interval


Notes on Structural Integration Package Pricing

The Structural Integration Series Work takes your body through quite a lot of change, and there are a few points in the series where it’s just not a great idea to quit or take a long break. The number of sessions in each of our packages have been strategically selected to offer clients opportunities for volume discounts, while avoiding situations where a package ends right at one of those bad spots. For example, after Session 3 is a perfect place to stop or take a break, but Sessions 4 & 5 are so intertwined, I try to schedule them no more than a week or two apart. This is why the 4-pack is not available to start the series. If you start with a 3-pack and want to continue, you have the choice of the same discount with a 4-pack to get you through the “core” sessions, or a bigger discount with a 7-pack to complete the series. I hate complexity, but this has been working really well for my clients!

Insurance Information

I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner in the state of Washington (MA60224604). If your insurance plan covers Massage Therapy by out-of-network practitioners, I can provide a receipt for you to submit for reimbursement. Please call your insurance company before your first appointment to verify coverage, and to find out whether you will need a referral/prescription.

I am a preferred provider for Labor and Industries (L&I / LNI / Workers’ Comp). If you have an L&I claim, you will need a referral from your physician or chiropractor. It must include diagnostic codes (DX), the physician’s name, address, phone, and NPI. I will need your L&I Claim Number, employer name/address, and date of injury. I also accept PIP.