Greetings, and welcome to the first ever Soma Kinetics newsletter!

Quick catch up for those I haven’t talked to in a while: You know me as Carli Herrs, now d.b.a. Soma Kinetics Pilates and Bodywork. All my Pilates and Structural Integration services are offered out of Intimate Pilates studio in downtown Kent. If you would prefer not to receive future mailings, please use the opt-out link at the bottom of this email

kayaksI hope you have enjoyed this great summer weather as much as I have! Along with the joy and challenge of working with all my amazing Pilates and Soma clients, I got to play with friends and family in Chicago, Denver and Las Cruces, New Mexico. I watched friends get married, and my nephew graduate high school. And I deepened my relationship with nature through hiking, kayaking, and an unforgettable visit with our resident orcas via a whale watching tour. Oh how I love the Pacific Northwest!

On top of all this, there were two important additions to my routine. I scheduled regular Pilates workouts with another instructor at Intimate Pilates. And I also scheduled regular bodywork sessions with another Soma practitioner. I know, I know – you’d think these things were already part of my daily routine, right? But I’m sorry to say, it’s as easy for me to slack off on self-care as it is for anybody. In my body, that neglect gradually translates to a twingey knee, an achey back, a creepy-crawly sensation under my shoulder blade, and a crick-prone neck. I need strength, balance and flexibility in my core, hips and shoulders to enjoy my favorite activities, and I need the annoying tension patterns that kink up my neck and shoulders to stay out of my way. Making appointments with these other professionals is what it takes for me to commit to my own physical maintenance.

That picture above is a view of our rented kayaks with our destination Blake Island in the background, where we paddled along the southern coast and then put in for a picnic lunch. Loved the serenity of this calm flatwater outing. Now it’s time to tackle Eskimo Rolls!

Peace, love and good posture 🙂


Group Reformer Mania

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