Autumn Greetings!

happy_fallThis is a busy time in the studio, with everybody back from summer travel and activities, and ready to put a little time and energy into their physical & mental wellness. What better time to make a Soma Bodywork appointment! You can experience Session 1 (see our Fall Special below!), treat your body to a full Somassage, or simply get some of those knots worked out of your neck, shoulders or low back. If you’re thinking about diving into the Series work, start now and be finished and ready to take on the holidays with a fresh new position in gravity 🙂

For Pilates newbies, it’s also a great time to sign up for Intimate’s Intro Package, and in just a few sessions you’ll be jumping into our popular Group Reformer classes!

Awesome Results Report: I see all these cool things with clients every single week. Some are subtle, some are big and obvious, and all are signs of progress and growth. I’d like to start sharing some of these “win” moments here. This month’s example happened just last week after a Soma Structural Integration session. This client has an easily visible misalignment that involves, among many other things, the foot turning out to roughly a 45 degree angle. The client stood up after the session and that foot was darn near straight. It was SO cool! With some walking we could see that old habits are still lurking, the neat thing is that a NEW pattern is now available, and the client can feel the difference and choose to practice the new one.

May your psoas be of sufficient length,



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Fall Special!

Half Price on Soma Session 1!
If you’ve been wanting to see what Soma work is like, this is your chance. First timers and series veterans all welcome. Regular price $120, $60 during the month of October only.

Evening Slots!!! For the first time in quite a while, I currently have some regular availability in the evenings a couple of days each week. If you’ve been wanting a session and had trouble finding an appointment in the past, now is a great time!