November Already?!

It’s hard to find a rainy morning depressing when there’s all these adorable chickadees and zooming hummingbirds around. I’m pretty new to backyard birding, but so far it seems like my feeders see the most activity in fall/winter. Or maybe summer just gets too busy for me to keep an eye on it!

Massage and Structural IntegrationI often find myself trying to explain how structural integration is different from massage. I’ve been in a writing kind of mood lately, so I wrote an article to discuss and showcase the differences. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Article Excerpt: …I use a massage table, I tend to keep the lights low, I play soothing music. I most certainly do hands-on work, and I even want my clients to feel better. So why don’t I just call it “structural integration massage,” to make it easier for everybody to understand what I do? The reason I don’t call it “massage” is that it really is different. It isn’t a “flavor” of massage. The founder of structural integration was not a massage therapist who came up with a creative new batch of add-on techniques. In fact, the founder of structural integration was Dr. Ida P. Rolf, a scientist with a PhD in biochemistry. …despite the fact that my advertising strategy would be easier if I adopted the massage classification, it would simply be incorrect. Read more….

Awesome Results Report: This month’s “win moment” is a testimonial from a client currently going through the structural integration series. This was written shortly after Session 6, where we go deep into the back line of the body.

“I want you to know that in one session you have done more to clean out scar tissue in my hamstrings than massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists have in many sessions. I am very happy with your work. I have been feeling more this week. My sacrum was kind of mixed up adjusting for 2 days. My handstands are lighter and I feel more ease. Thanks to you, my elbow feels good lifting things instead of being in chronic pain. This is powerful medicine! Thank you so very much.” -m.j.

Every body receives the Soma work in a different way. Check out my testimonials page to see what others have said about their experiences.

Catch ya later, supinator!


P.S. For those keeping track…  Eskimo Roll: Check.  🙂


For the Early Birds!

Group Reformer at 7AM! If that’s not crazy talk to you, join Ryo on Thursday mornings every other week, starting on November 7.

Also, Nicole recently added a Sunday evening class at 6:00 PM! This class  alternates between
ZEN•GA™ on Reformer &  Core Stability Barre™ Reformer & Cardio-Tramp™ Rebounder.



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