Spring Into Transition

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Bellevue over the past month, helping out at Nikki’s new Club Pilates studio (it’s OPEN with over 30 classes available each week!). The commute has actually been pretty pleasant since I haven’t had to go during rush hour, and it always seems to be sunny when I have to go 🙂 The BIG NEWS we’ve all been waiting for regarding the Kent studio is still in the development phase, but an announcement should be coming very soon!

Of course studio openings aren’t the only news around here. In mid-April I attended the Level II module of Kirstin Schumaker’s nerve and artery mobilization course down in Portland. Lots of new learning, plus refinement of my previous understanding, and it was a blast to connect with so many other structural integrators from other schools. Also: Voodoo Doughnuts. Check out the May special below related to the nerve/artery work.

new-sign-smallNikki and I are in the middle of instructing the first Club Pilates Teacher Training to be held in the Pacific Northwest! We’ve got a great group of students working hard, immersing themselves in the philosophy, exercises and anatomy studies that come with Pilates certification training. It’s a LOT of work, and they’re all doing an amazing job!

I’ve also continued my volunteer gig as secretary of the International Association of Structural Integrators, in its mission to advance and promote the highest professional standards for Structural Integration. Just recently I took on a new role as liaison to our certification board, CBSI, which maintains and promotes our certification exam. We are working hard to strengthen SI as a profession and bring it to as many people as we can!

nervous_system_small“Nerves and arteries can get trapped in the myofascial layers… They can also get caught where they go around a ‘corner’ or pass through a layer, just as a garden hose gets caught around a tree when you are working in the yard. …’Downstream’ of these caught or stuck places, you can have reduced sensation (numbness), pain, low muscle tonus, or high muscle tonus.” – Kirstin Schumaker, Agile Body Structural Integration. Read the rest here…



Soma Pricing Increase Announcement
February marked the end of my fourth year in practice as a structural integrator, during which time I have not raised my rates despite the usual increases in cost of living and rent. As plans develop for moving the Kent studio, including a larger and nicer room for me, I must finally implement a modest rate increase.

As of July 1, the new pricing will be an additional $5 per session. The same great percentage discounts will be available with package pricing. Please visit my rates page for details.

Note: This Increase will not be applied for clients who are mid-series in June, they can complete their series at the current price!


Mondays in Bellevue

During May only, you can find me teaching at the brand new Club Pilates Bellevue on Monday afternoons/evenings! You can check out the pricing options (which you can expect to find at the Kent location after we move!) and sign up for classes at the CP Bellevue site now.




Got Nervy Stuff?

If the above description of symptoms that can happen “downstream” of nerve & artery hang ups made you think of something that’s been going on with your body, consider giving me a call. For the month of May I am offering half-price sessions to those who want to see if it might be helpful to them, as I experiment with these techniques and build my sensitivity.

May Special:
Nerve & Artery Release
30 Minutes: $40.00 $20.00
60 Minutes: $80.00 $40.00