Spring Cleaning Diversion


While my spring cleaning fever did include the typical vacuuming, mopping, and a good-sized drop-off at Goodwill, somehow it also involved an unplanned website overhaul. I seem to get the bug to do this about once a year, which must be exactly how long it takes to forget what a tedious job it really is. But I do enjoy learning new technologies, so for the past few years I’ve chosen a different development tool each time. I suppose it’s my token link back to my programming roots. Plus, you know, the grass is always greener on different platforms! So check out the fresh new WordPress look at http://somakinetics.com.

Great Results Report

After the wonderfully enthusiastic response to last month’s special on the Nerve/Artery work (see April newsletter), I thought I’d share a little about we ran into. There were instances where not much of anything happened, which did not surprise me – this is all new for me, plus of course many conditions and symptoms will have roots elsewhere. Several clients seemed to get some degree of improvement with various tension issues. Then there were a few standouts; lasting pain reduction from a decades-old hip injury, distinct relief from odd and undiagnosable knee symptoms, and a remarkable clearing of chronic headaches that had been coming on every 2-3 days for a long time.

nervous_system_clipThere is so much more to learn, but it’s clear to me that this is powerful work. I’m using it more and more during Structural Integration and Somassage as it falls in line with the goals of each session. But if you would like to experience it standalone to see how it affects something particular going on with your body, give me a call and we’ll schedule a 30- or 60-minute session to see what we run into. ($80/60 minutes, or $20/15 minute interval.)

In a few weeks I will be taking a little time off to soak up some National Park magic, I’ll tell you a little about that when I get back in June. But that’s it for this month – building that website pretty much fried my brain!

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Evening Reformer

Trouble Finding a Spot in the Past?

The spring weather has been shaking up routines, and recently there have been an unusual number of spots opening up in the 7pm Group Reformer classes. So take advantage while you can and come on in!
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