Bring on the New Year!

A funny thing happened the other week. I was plotting the torture of a Pilates client by way of obnoxious holiday music during her session. My reasons need not be aired here. She knows. I had already selected the perfect Pandora station, so I turned it on right before her appointment, cranked the volume, and sat back to enjoy her horror upon arrival.


Five minutes later, I noticed my left eye twitching uncontrollably. A hint of worry surfaced: Had I overestimated my own ability to withstand Country Christmas tunes?

After 10 minutes, hands shaking and blood pressure dangerously high, I caved and switched to a gentler option. R&B Holidays. Apparently AKA the Santa Baby channel.

15-minute mark: Santa Baby permanently stuck in head, but blood pressure normal again. I was starting to wonder if I’d forgotten a schedule change for this very dependable client, so I texted her to ask. She replied immediately:

“This is awkward. Yes. I’m in Maui.”  Doh!!!

Despite my prank’s terrible failure, our continued chatting revealed this month’s Awesome Results Report. This particular client started Pilates after recovering from a major lumbar disc herniation and surgery. We began with only the gentlest core work, no movement of the spine whatsoever, as the wrong move would trigger spasms and debilitating pain down into her hip. As her core support and confidence strengthened, we gradually added spinal movements to her workout. So it was pretty amazing to hear that her Hawaiian activities had included a kayak/snorkeling trip! When we first met, she had to be careful about getting on and off the Pilates reformer without hurting her back. Now, here she was popping in and out of a kayak floating in the ocean! She attributes much of this success to her weekly Pilates sessions, as her body now knows how to access its deep supportive structure, and automatically uses it to stabilize the spine during movement.

So cheers to 2013! 2014 is here and full of opportunity for growth and learning. So far my plans include studying Nerve Mobilization techniques in Portland, becoming a certified ZEN•GA™ instructor, and an open water kayak training in the San Juan Islands. So much to look forward to! There will be some fun changes at the studio, and brand new for this year are Soma Bodywork package pricing options, you can read more about that below. Happy new year to you all!

May the transversus abdominis be ever in your favor.



New & Bigger Classes!

Coming Soon: Thursday lunchtime reformer class with Jennifer!

And, due to the popularity of the super-sized classes Nicole offered over the holidays, she will be adding a 5th spot to selected Group Reformer classes. This is on a trial basis for January, so sign up and help make it a permanent change!



New for 2014: Soma Package Pricing!

You can now save 5%, 10% or 15% on the Soma Series Work with package pricing. Packages are sized to match with ideal “break” points within the series work, or you can save big on the “whole shebang” with the 11-pack!

Single Session: $120
3-Pack: $342 (saves 5%/$18)
7-Pack: $756 (saves 10%/$84)
11-Pack: $1122 (saves 15%/$198)