Exploring New Connections

I was thrilled to kick off this spring with a trip to Portland for a Nerve & Artery Manipulation training. While any touch therapy techniques are bound to have some effect on the neurovascular system, this training gave me the tools to address nerve and artery tension specifically and directly. I definitely need a lot of practice, but I can already tell this subtle work is going to enhance my practice immensely. Special thanks to all my clients who have already allowed me to try out my new moves on them! 🙂


“Nerves and arteries can get trapped in the myofascial layers… They can also get caught where they go around a “corner” or pass through a layer, just as a garden hose gets caught around a tree when you are working in the yard. …“Downstream” of these caught or stuck places, you can have reduced sensation (numbness), pain, low muscle tonus, or high muscle tonus.– Kirstin Schumaker, Agile Body Structural Integration. Read the rest here!

Great Results Report
For this month’s “win moment,” I have a cool little story that happened during a Soma session a few weeks ago. It was a Session 7, which is devoted to the neck, head and face. When we tested neck rotation, on one side she stopped abruptly about halfway to normal. Later in the session we re-tested, and found it unchanged. Probing into the base of the neck, we were both surprised when she felt a strong pull deep into her abdominal area. Huh! I left the neck and sank my fingertips into her psoas, a muscle which lies in the abdomen, and asked her to turn her head. Her second turn to the right yielded a distinct release, and suddenly she was able to turn her head fully. As we often say in structural integration: It really is all connected! As a fantastic added bonus, she felt intuitively that this “hang up” was connected to an irritating low back pain that had been nagging her throughout the whole series, and reported back later that it was completely gone.

That’s the fun of this work. You just never know what’s gonna happen.

hinoki_smallThis is a my new favorite tree, just added to our little garden this week by Nancy at Artistic Garden Concepts. I include it here because I’m currently very excited about all this spring weather! 🙂

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Got Nervy Stuff?

If the above description of symptoms that can happen “downstream” of nerve & artery hang ups made you think of something that’s been going on with your body, consider giving me a call. I’ve been doing short sessions (30-60 minutes) experimenting with these techniques and building my sensitivity.

Full Disclosure: So far in these little sessions, we’ve run the gamut from “WOW, that made a huge difference!
to “nope, that did nothing at all.” 🙂

For the month of April I am offering half-price sessions to those who want to check this work out and see if it might be helpful to them.

April Special:
Nerve & Artery Release

30 Minutes: $40.00 $20.00
60 Minutes: $80.00 $40.00