Monthly, Shmonthly

studio_equipmentWhen I sat down to write this, I discovered my last “monthly” newsletter was sent December of 2015. Whoops! Happily, the studio has been thriving ever since.

Just a few notes for this one – first is a change in Pilates package pricing, details below. No change for Soma pricing. There is a special available for anyone who would like to experience the ScarWork techniques I studied over the summer, see the sidebar for more on that. And, once again, the undeniable compulsion to try new software has taken hold of me – at least this time it won’t be a whole new website!

Upon opening in this location at the beginning of this year, I raised the prices on Pilates packages to match rates at other studios in the area, but promised to keep all my clients who came with me from the old studio on “legacy” pricing for six months. Again….time flies! We love the good old Intimate Pilates pricing so much we’ll go ahead and give it a solid year, then retire it and adopt the current pricing structures as of January 2017. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you sticking with me! It’s hard to believe I’ve been seeing many of you for almost a decade. (Actually more than a decade in one case – thanks to Chris for subjecting himself to all my freshly learned teaching & soma skills from the very beginning ☺️ )

Some of you may have noticed the online booking section of my website was down for a while. It’s back up now, but I’ve continued to have minor yet aggravating issues with my chosen software, and am close to pulling the trigger on a different solution. It will be easier for you to manage your appointments and check on your package usage. And as always, you can ignore all that if you prefer, and just continue to enjoy email reminders of your upcoming sessions.


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ScarWork Special

As I build my skills in working with scar tissue, I could use some scars to play with! If you have one you would like worked on, schedule any Soma appointment and receive a free 15 minutes of ScarWork added onto the session. Offer good through the end of November 2016.


Coming Soon: New Scheduling Software

Because I can’t leave well enough alone.


Puzzle Exchange, Anyone?

As all my summer activities were winding down, I rediscovered the joy of jigsaw puzzles! A few that we’ve already done are at the studio, if anyone would like to trade 🙂


Want Group Classes?

Club Pilates is right around the corner on 4th Ave, and they’ve got group classes every single day of the week! You can find me teaching there on Tuesday evenings. CLICK HERE for the full schedule.