Coming Your Way: VARIETY

peak_classic_cadillac_smallDue to space restrictions, I’ve been limited to a single piece of equipment for private Pilates sessions over the past few months, and I’m so grateful to my awesome clients for their cheerful understanding. Now the way Pilates works, technically you could have nothing but a mat and still complete a valid Pilates workout. However, a lot of the fun is in using a variety of equipment options to challenge your body, and feel the connections in different ways.

The big new piece you’ll notice first in the new studio will be the Cadillac. Also called the Trapeze Table, the Caddy offers a variety of spring lengths and tensions coming from all different directions, and adds a host of three-dimensional movement options into your workout. There are exercises in lying, seated and standing positions, and even some hanging from the bars!

peak_chair_smallYou’ll also find my personal favorite, the Stability Chair. This is a smaller piece of equipment, with a pedal on one side that can be pressed down against spring resistance. The small base of support and highly adjustable spring tension challenges your overall stability and balance.

And finally: Tired of scraping your knuckles on the ceiling during your kneeling overhead tricep presses? Look forward to the combination of a lower reformer and a higher ceiling. Woo hoo!!

This Thursday is move in day! Talk about perfect timing for a fresh new adventure. Follow me on Facebook to see pics of the new studio coming together as it happens.

Season’s Greetings & a Happy New Year to all!

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