The Soma Structural Integration work is often referred to as a journey. We’re after very specific goals in each session, and a key component to our success is YOU – your awareness of your body, your recognition when something changes, and your attention after the session to integrate the changes into your body and movement. This is how we can achieve lasting change, a journey that ends with you truly different from when we started.

I encourage all my clients to use whatever works best for them to accomplish their part. This may include filling out a personal log after each session, time for reflection and meditation in between sessions, and use of the materials described below.

The 10-Series Companion Book


This book was written by fellow Structural Integrator Brian Johnson.┬áComplete with clear information about each session, stretches and exercises to support the work, and beautiful photography, it’s a great reference for the Structural Integration process. I offer it to my clients free with the purchase of any Structural Integration package (retail value is $24.95). You can read more about the book and the author and even order a copy for yourself at his website.


The “Notebook”

The Soma Institute provides a wonderful collection of articles and exercises to accompany the series work. Below is a link for each session.