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Carli is a certified Structural Integrator, Pilates Instructor, and owner of Soma Kinetics in Kent, WA.

Mary’s Soma Experiences – Part Two

Last month I posted about a client’s experiences with Somassage. This is part two of that post. Now we pick up the story where Mary went into the Series Work. The Series consists of 10-11 unique sessions, each with a specific intent, all progressing towards the overall goal of optimizing how the body stands and […]

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Mary’s Soma Experiences – Part One

Since many people wonder what it’s like to go through the Soma Structural Integration series work, I’d like to share some of the experiences of a real life client. I selected Mary (not her real name) because her journey was both remarkable and typical. I asked for Mary’s permission to write about her, and have […]

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Crossover: Pilates and Bodywork

One of the things I get the most excited about is when I’m working with either a Pilates or Soma client and the issues we’re working on with their body begin to naturally lead into the other modality. I work with many people who do Pilates but have no interest in Soma and vice versa, […]

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What is Soma?

I originally sat down to write my first blog post all about why I chose to study and practice Soma Neuromuscular Integration, as several people have asked me that question in various contexts just recently. However, I found the topic impossible to get into without first explaining what Soma is (and isn’t!)…so here we are!

I […]

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