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Carli is a certified Structural Integrator, Pilates Instructor, and owner of Soma Kinetics in Kent, WA.

Newsletter April 2014

I was thrilled to kick off this spring with a trip to Portland for a Nerve & Artery Manipulation training. While any touch therapy techniques are bound to have some effect on the neurovascular system, this training gave me the tools to address nerve and artery tension specifically and directly. I definitely need a lot […]

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Newsletter February 2014

After spending a week in snowy Chicago, you won’t hear me complaining about the weather here. But now that January and its “fresh new year” vibe is behind us, it feels like it’s time to settle in. I want to take stock, focus on maintaining what I’ve built in my life, and promote growth from […]

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Newsletter January 2014

A funny thing happened the other week. I was plotting the torture of a Pilates client by way of obnoxious holiday music during her session. My reasons need not be aired here. She knows. I had already selected the perfect Pandora station, so I turned it on right before her appointment, cranked the volume, and […]

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Newsletter December 2013

…to be paddling around Lake Sammammish in a tiny boat at 7:30 in the morning!

That might be an arguable statement. But I mention it here because a few days ago, while watching my fellow kayakers become specks on the horizon (I’m new at this, okay?), I asked the kindly instructor who stayed back with me what the trick was […]

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Newsletter November 2013

It’s hard to find a rainy morning depressing when there’s all these adorable chickadees and zooming hummingbirds around. I’m pretty new to backyard birding, but so far it seems like my feeders see the most activity in fall/winter. Or maybe summer just gets too busy for me to keep an eye on it!

I often find […]

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Massage and Structural Integration

Everybody knows what massage is. We know at least roughly what to expect if someone says they offer massage therapy, or even if they offer one of the other many style and flavors of the massage world; therapeutic, deep tissue, swedish, lomi lomi, myofascial, shiatsu, relaxation, and so on. We understand that we may not […]

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Newsletter October 2013

This is a busy time in the studio, with everybody back from summer travel and activities, and ready to put a little time and energy into their physical & mental wellness. What better time to make a Soma Bodywork appointment! You can experience Session 1 (see our Fall Special below!), treat your body to a […]

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Newsletter September 2013

Quick catch up for those I haven’t talked to in a while: You know me as Carli Herrs, now d.b.a. Soma Kinetics Pilates and Bodywork. All my Pilates and Structural Integration services are offered out of Intimate Pilates studio in downtown Kent. If you would prefer not to receive future mailings, please use the opt-out […]

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Joint Wear and the Hanging Wire Man

Sitting in traffic the other day, I found myself studying the little man that hangs from my rear view mirror. He was created during a particularly boring class back in high school. He’s made of thin wire wrapped in thread, and has been hanging from his little noose in every car I’ve ever owned. He […]

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Eye on Form – Funky Ankle to Tight Calf

Recently I had an interesting experience that reminded me why it’s good to have someone else checking your Pilates form. We instructors get so busy with clients at the studio, it’s not always easy to schedule time with each other!

So on this particular morning, I’d posted a link to an article about the effects of […]

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