Massage and Structural Integration

Everybody knows what massage is. We know at least roughly what to expect if someone says they offer massage therapy, or even if they offer one of the other many style and flavors of the […]

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Joint Wear and the Hanging Wire Man

Sitting in traffic the other day, I found myself studying the little man that hangs from my rear view mirror. He was created during a particularly boring class back in high school. He’s made of […]

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Eye on Form – Funky Ankle to Tight Calf

Recently I had an interesting experience that reminded me why it’s good to have someone else checking your Pilates form. We instructors get so busy with clients at the studio, it’s not always easy to […]

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Mary’s Soma Experiences – Part Two

Last month I posted about a client’s experiences with Somassage. This is part two of that post. Now we pick up the story where Mary went into the Series Work. The Series consists of 10-11 […]

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Mary’s Soma Experiences – Part One

Since many people wonder what it’s like to go through the Soma Structural Integration series work, I’d like to share some of the experiences of a real life client. I selected Mary (not her real […]

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Crossover: Pilates and Bodywork

One of the things I get the most excited about is when I’m working with either a Pilates or Soma client and the issues we’re working on with their body begin to naturally lead into […]

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What is Soma?

I originally sat down to write my first blog post all about why I chose to study and practice Soma Neuromuscular Integration, as several people have asked me that question in various contexts just recently. […]

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